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Q: How do we buy a home with so little inventory on the market? Shane and Marissa

A: Shane and Marissa, I'm excited to know you're looking for a new home! This market will take lots of patience and perseverance and most of all; an attentive Realtor who knows the market [me]. Don't give up and don't stop but instead get ready to run when a home comes on the market that meets your needs and also keep an eye on some of the homes that you saw earlier on because they oftentimes came on the market at one price and might have lowered their price since your first look. Keep going and keep smiling, I promise a home will come on the market that compliments your lifestyles and you'll be very happy when it does. Cindy Mustafa, 216-408-1513

Q: If I try to sell my home myself, what should I be looking out for? - Chris

A: Hi Chris, Selling a home is easy. If you have the experience. As a Realtor, my expertise is in marketing, advocating, negotiating, contract comprehension and closing. Getting your home ready for the market is something I do everyday. Scheduling the right people to see your home, when you're ready, is paramount. Not everyone that could knock on your door is truly ready or even interested in buying. Be careful who you let into your home. As a Realtor, your potential buyer will be working with me or another Realtor and preapproved to buy a home. They will be accompanied with a Realtor for your showings. With guidance, you are safer. Call me, Cindy Mustafa, 216-408-1513 and I'll help you get to the finish line, with less inconveniences to you and your family.

Cindy Mustafa, Hudson & Aurora, Ohio, Realtor


A real estate agent asked me for a preapproval before they would show me the houses that I was interested in, is this normal?

Best Answer

I think that getting prequalified is the smartest thing to do for a couple of reasons. 1. You have a realistic idea of what you can afford. In other words, you will not be out looking at mansions if you can only afford a condo. 2. In the current market there are not many real estate agents that WANT to work with someone that is NOT prequalified. Go get prequalified. That will help you stay in your budget. That is why so many people are in foreclosure now. They went and bought a house with a $400/month payment. Then the Adjustable Mortgage Rate adjusted (read went UP) and they now have a $6000/month mortgage. Also do yourself a favor, live below your means. In other words, if you can afford a $2000/month loan payment, buy a house that has a monthly payment of $1600 or so. That way when times get tough you are not struggling.

What should I be concerned with if I'm interested in renting a home?

Best Answer

Utilities; who pays heat, water, bills. Safety (is it well lit so that you can walk around outside at any time?). How much interaction with other renters. How noisy are other renters. Is there a local law enforcement website that provides details of any criminal activity that may have occurred at or near the place you are considering. The term of the lease: 12 months, 6 months...Who is the property manager? Can that person be called upon for emergencies, i.e., busted water pipe late at night; no heat in the dead of winter...lost keys. Respect for you and your property when repairs have to be made.

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